“1 in 4 people may develop cancer in their lifetime. The good news is, with early detection and treatment, you can have better clinical/ management outcomes.” – Singapore Cancer Society

THE CANCER SUPPORT GROUP (CSG) wants to journey with and meet the needs of cancer patients, survivors and caregivers so that they can lead meaningful lives.

We welcome everyone to be part of this community.

Join us as we share, support and encourage each other through:

  • Visits to homes, hospitals, hospices;
  • Practical help such as home-cooked meals and transport;
  • Support meetings on zoom and/or onsite;
  • Connections through chat groups, devotionals and prayer requests.

We also welcome volunteers to serve with us in this cancer care ministry. Join us if you are:

  • Cancer survivors (completed treatment);
  • Caregivers to cancer patients;
  • Individuals with relevant skills & experiences.

You can contribute as befrienders, facilitators, counsellors, home chefs, drivers, admin and/or others. Training for specific roles will be provided.

You may also contact Ronnie Lee at +65-6410 0800 or cancersupport@graceaog.org for more information. (English)

“四个人当中有一个可能在一生中会患上癌症。好消息是,通过早期发现和治疗,您可以获得更好的临床/管理成效。” – 新加坡癌症协会




  • 到家庭、医院、临终关怀中心探访;
  • 提供实际帮助如预备居家餐食和交通服务等;
  • 在zoom和/或现场的活动中提供协助;
  • 通过支援小组的团契、灵修和互相祷告建立联系。


  • 癌症康复者(完成治疗);
  • 癌症患者的看护员;
  • 具有相关技能和经验的个人。


如果您需要更多资讯,您也可以联络萧牧师(+65-6410 0800)或电邮至cancersupport@graceaog.org (中文)