The mission of Creative Arts Ministry (CAM) is to create impactful worship environments for God-encounters. Its vision mirrors the church’s: “More CAMels, More Like Jesus.”Members of the Creative Arts Ministry (CAM) are affectionately known as “CAMels” (as “el” is the Hebraic for God, CAM+el means “CAM belonging to God”)

Members of the Creative Arts Ministry (CAM) are affectionately known as “CAMels” (as “el” is the Hebraic for God, CAM+el means “CAM belonging to God”)

CAMels are pace-setters, front-liners of Missional Worship. As stewards of God’s high and holy calling, we want to excel in the areas of our anointing, natural and spiritual abilities, and build to strengthen our inner lives in Christ, through the enablement of the Holy Spirit. We minister to our congregations and fellow worshippers who worship God in Spirit and in Truth

1. To develop a worship culture that will further the thrust of the Missional Family Church

2. To lead the congregation in anointed and authentic worship

3. To affect and advance the Kingdom of God through the Arts

Media & Production

This is the technical backbone of CAM, comprising Praise Audio, Praise Visual and Praise Media. These CAMels provide a conducive sound and lighting environment for our services and productions. The Media arm churns out, oversees and facilitates the content, style and delivery of audio and video recording and reproduction.

This back-of-house arm handles the logistics, administration, stage management, event and service management and all other attendant production elements. The goal is to create the best setting for “God-moments” while upholding the highest possible production value

Worship & Arts

The worship services across the four CAMpuses (Grace@Tanglin, Grace@BukitBatok, YAYP and R-AGE congregations) are supported by different worship teams comprise of Worship Leaders, Musicians and Singers. The worship teams gather for weekly rehearsals to serve for the weekend services. We use a variety of songs ranging from hymns, contemporary gospel songs and our own Gracesongs that are written by CAMels and church members.

On top of the regular services, CAMels are called to support special services such as the annual Easter, Christmas, Watchnight, Church Retreat and other special events. The respective Praise Groups have the exciting proposition of coming up with dance, drama and song items. To encourage greater creativity, we have used fully original scripts, songs, design and choreography. We are not only multi-dimensional in our approach but also multi-generational, working with creative arts teams of different congregations for the combined church-wide services.

  • Praise Singers (Choir & Key Vocalists)
  • Praise Worship Leaders
  • Praise Band
  • Praise Audio
  • Praise Visuals
  • Praise Dancers
  • GraceSongwriters

If you are interested in being a blessing to the body of Christ through the ministry in Creative Arts, we welcome you to serve in our Praise Groups! Do check out what we do in our Praise Groups!

To join us, contact us at



  • Usher the congregation into the presence of God; by
    – providing a vibrant, contemporary and high-impact worship for all the Worship service
    – leading the Singers / Worshippers, Band and Media components in their collective roles
  • Prepare the way for the message and ministry of the Holy spirit


  1. 7 Worship Leaders


At least once a month


More Singers – more Like Jesus


To glorify God by building a community of vibrant & committed singers who can lead the congregation in anointed & authentic worship.


  1. To affect and advance the Kingdom of God through music & songs
  2. To build a group of singers who grow towards maturity in Christ
  3. To lead the congregation in anointed & authentic worship


Praise Singers consist of two groups of members, namely Grace Choir and Key Vocalists, who are led by a group of people called the Stewards.


Choir practice / training: Every Saturday 12.30pm – 2.30pm
Key Vocalists: Practice with Praise Band

Service Platforms

Praise Singers minister in the English worship services on a regular basis. We have song presentation during special events such as Easter, Good Friday, and Christmas services, as well as Celebrate Christmas in Singapore (CCIS) event at Orchard.
“I will praise You, O Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders. I will be glad and rejoice in You; I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High.” Psalm 9:1-2

For more information or interest to join Praise Singers Ministry, please email to


  • To affect and advance the Kingdom of God through music
  • To build a group of musicians who grow towards maturity in Christ
  • To lead the congregation in anointed & authentic worship
  • To play an essential part in CAM in supporting the overall CAM vision

Composition / Meetings

  1. Praise Band Group Leader
  2. Music Director

5 teams for regular weekend services

1 team for Prayer and Power nights.

Regular weekend services’ teams are scheduled at least once a month.

P&P band is on monthly.

There are about 5 to 6 musicians in each team.


Provide sound reinforcement that is technically and spiritually excellent for:

  • Worship services (e.g. weekend services & J333 prayer meetings)
  • Other primary church events (e.g. Cell leaders’ meeting, GLI courses, weddings)
  • Special events (e.g. Easter, Christmas productions)


  1. Praise Group Leader
  2. Ministry coordinator
  3. Team leaders
  4. Team members


On duty as often as the need arises, by rotation roster


  1. To provide visual support to the worship team during worship service
  2. To provide information of church activities through pre-service slides


  1. Operation of software programme
  2. Creation of Pre-service slides


  1. 1 Praise Visual Leader
  2. 1 Technical Support
  3. 4 Team Leaders (includes PV Leader)
  4. 8 Team Members (includes Technical Support)
  5. 2 Ad-hoc Members


  • Once every 3 weeks for Praise Visual teams doing operations
  • Once every 2/3 weeks for Pre-service Team

Praise Dancer ministry is also known as Mechola, a Hebrew word which means to dance.

Psalms 149:3 “Let them praise His name with dancing and make music to Him with tambourine and harp.”

Jeremiah 31:13 “Then young women will dance and be glad, young men and old as well. I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow”


  • To exemplify celebration, joy and freedom in worship through dance
  • To lead and encourage worship through movements involving that entire being: spirit, soul, mind and body
  • To serve and minister to the congregation at worship services and special events


  • Monthly worship service dancers
  • Special events and outreach dancers

Weekly Meeting

Training Session: Every Saturday 10am at Grace@Tanglin

Service Platform

  • Monthly Adult Worship at Grace@Tanglin and Grace@BukitBatok
  • Special events like Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving Service
  • Dance showcase/evangelistic productions

We serve once a month at Sunday Adult Worship Services at Grace@Tanglin.
We also support services/events at Grace@BukitBatok/Youth/ Young Adults/ Children’s Church and any other congregations on an adhoc/project basis.

Join Us

Passion: A heart to serve God in the area of dance and glorify Him through movements.
Skills and experience: No dance background required (bonus if you have), as long as you are willing to learn.

For more information on the Praise Dancer Ministry, email


As the Grace Songwriters, we are a community of creative collaboration amongst creatives and songwriters. The ministry aims to foster a creative content-generating environment, especially (but not limited to) new songs for the congregation. The ministry also exists to provide a platform for existing songwriters to further hone their craft of songwriting and generate new songs that may be used in the services to edify the body, as well as for budding songwriters to be mentored as they explore and grow in songwriting.

Service Platform

The pool of songwriters will meet at least once a month for creative sessions.

Songwriters will also be involved in the creative process of the GraceSongs CD production.

Commitment to Growth

Every songwriter commits to grow first and foremost in their knowledge of God and His word, forming a theologically firm foundation in creating creative content that will edify the body of Christ. We also believe that “no artist is an island,” and each songwriter commits to functioning within a creative community, both receiving and giving feedback with the common goal of developing the skillset of songwriting with others.

Join Us

If you are a songwriter who loves to put ideas into words that take the shape of a song and have some musical experience (not compulsory but preferred), do write in or send your song demos to