Gracians are encouraged to set aside some time each week to fast and pray for the community, for them to experience the love of God through our GCO activities.
As God’s vessels, we want to demonstrate His love and bless the community in very tangible ways and practical actions.
And so, we encourage Gracians to use the money saved from the meal that you fasted, to purchase daily necessities for the needy residents. You can then drop them off at either Grace@Tanglin or Grace@BukitBatok.
On a regular basis, Grace Assembly will be inviting these needy residents to our church premises to pick up the items donated by Gracians. We hope that these collection sessions will create an opportunity for Gracians to get to know the community residents better, and to foster a closer relationship with them.
STEP 1: Fast & Pray
Set aside dedicated time each week to fast and pray for the community.
STEP 2: Purchase Wish List Items
Use the money saved from the meal you fasted to buy daily necessities for the community residents. [View Wishlist]
STEP 3: Drop off
Drop off donated items at
  • Grace@Tanglin (outside Galilee on L1)
  • Grace@BukitBatok (outside book store on L1)
Operating hours:
Weekdays: 9am-6pm
Sat and Sun: 9am – 1pm


  • 恩典堂@东陵:加利利堂(1楼)
  • 恩典堂@武吉巴督:书店外(1楼)
平日:上午 9 点至下午 6 点
周六和周日:上午 9 点至下午 1 点

Step Up: Volunteer & Serve!

Go a step further. Sign up as a GCO Volunteer and serve in other ways to bless the community.


Things to Note:
  • Do not donate perishable foods.
  • Food items should be unopened and unexpired (Minimum 6 months shelf life).
  • Non-halal food items are acceptable. Such items will be distributed only to non-Muslim beneficiaries.
  • Any items that are rusty, damaged, unlabelled, expired, opened or used will be rejected.
  • If you wish to donate cash, please contact the church at 64100800 or email to .
  • 请勿捐赠易腐食品。
  • 食品必须尚未开封及尚未过期(至少有6个月的保质期)。
  • 我们接受非清真食品。这些食品将只分发给非穆斯林受益人。
  • 教会将拒绝受理任何生锈、损坏、无标签、过期、已开封或已使用过的食品或物品。
  • 若您希望捐款,请致电64100800或电邮至 联系教会。