The theme, “As ONE”, echoes the heartbeat of togetherness (Matthew 19:6). It is more than an event; it’s an embrace for married couples – a journey of shared dreams, joy and understanding.
Inviting all married couples of all ages and stages to discover the profound value this marriage retreat holds—a space where bonds are fortified, and love is nurtured.


Program Choice
Age Range
Marriage Retreat
Only married couples
3 – 6 years old
Siestas will be provided & volunteers will help with dinner on Date Night.
7 – 10 years old
Volunteers will supervise their dinner on Date Night.
11 – 19 years old
Youth program will run independently from Marriage Retreat.
There is no programme for children below 2 years old. You are strongly encouraged to bring your domestic helper, if any.


Dr Bob & Jenni Paul
Focus on the Family, USA
Bob serves as the Vice President of the Focus on the Family Marriage Institute and is the primary architect of the highly successful Hope Restored Marriage Intensive programs. He has a master’s degree from Georgia State University and an honorary doctorate from Psychological Studies Institute. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has helped train hundreds of marriage therapists. He has authored four books including 9 Lies That Will Destroy Your Marriage.
Jenni is an accomplished artist and has a master’s degree in lntercultural Ministries from Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. She is also passionate about sharing her marriage story to help couples enjoy more of God’s intended blessings for their marriage.
Bob and Jenni have been married for over 40 years and have four adult children and six grandchildren.
Lau Tian Chen and Ong Nguk Jean
Focus on the Family, Malaysia
T.C and Jean worships in Damansara Utama Methodist Church in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia; where they are actively involved in the leadership of the Church and the Family Ministry. Jean also sits on the Board of Focus on the Family Malaysia. Both speak regularly on marriage and family topics on behalf of FOTF Malaysia and FOTF Asia as well as at their local church.
Professionally, Jean is a dentist who runs her own practice while T.C is semi-retired. Both of them enjoy hiking and exercising together. Their favorite couple time is to go off the beaten path in search of nice local food.
T.C and Jean will be celebrating their 31st wedding anniversary this year. They are blessed with five children, two of whom are married plus one granddaughter.
Pastor Gary Chia
Eternal Life Assembly
Rev Gary is a man of great passion and faith. At the age of 22, he answered the call to full time and served for 20 years in Trinity Christian Centre before joining Eternal Life Assembly. He carries a prophetic anointing in his ministry and has raised men and women as Kingdom warriors for God and speaking into their lives.
He values people and believes that God can use anyone for His Kingdom as long they are willing. A captivating speaker, he injects humor and releases powerful truths through his ministry. Pastor Gary graduated from TCA college with a Bachelor in Theology in 2015.
He is married to Diana and has two lovely children. He loves a good coffee, plays soccer and a delicious plate of wanton mee.
Amy Loh
OneKids Ministry
Amy is passionate for young lives and loves to minister to children, youths and families. She is married to her husband Kevin, and they have three young adult children Karrie Anne, Aaron and Andre.
Currently a flexi adjunct school teacher, she is also the founder of ONEkids Ministry. Together with her family, they share the vision of families come into the presence of Daddy God and the mission of equipping and releasing families through worship and Spiritual leadership programmes. They worship and serve at Christ Methodist Church and was previously the pastoral staff of children’s ministry at the church for 8 years.
As a family, they have produced two worship albums “Jesus I love You” and “Dear God”, as well as released a single “Revelation” and numerous soaking music for ministry. More information on her ministry and her blogs can be found on
Scripture Union (Singapore) is renowned for their creativity and engagement with children. Their program aims to provide opportunities for your child(ren) to encounter and experience the touch of God.


Retreat Fees for Gracians
Adult, Twin / Double Room
Twin Room* – 2 Single beds
Double Room – 1 King bed
Subsidy for senior (65 yr & above) of $50 will only be deducted at Payment page.
NB: non-Gracian / pre-believing spouse pays an additional $92 regardless of age.
Full-time Student
(12+ to 30 years old)
Twin / Double room only
Subsidy of $90 will only be deducted at Payment page.
13 years old and above is required to find own roommate of the same gender, except for siblings
Child with bed
(4 to 12 years old)
11-12 years old are to stay with parents, exception to stay with friend only if their parents are not attending the Retreat.
Child without bed
(4 to 12 years old)
Toddler and infants
(0 to 3 years old)
Baby cot subject to availability
Conference-only (adult)
Accommodation, breakfast and transport NOT provided.
Conference-only (3 – 12 years old)
Accommodation, breakfast and transport NOT provided.
Fees include cost of ferry ticket and land transfer in Batam. Should you like to go to hotel on your own, please contact the committee to remove the ferry cost of $75.
Registration Dates
Online registration opens on Saturday, 17 Feb 2024 10am, and closes on Sunday, 5 Mar 2024 at 2359 hours, or when all available rooms have been booked, whichever is earlier.
Registration Portal
  • Watch the Registration Video Tutorial
  • Register online on Actxplorer Event Page. Password will be provided on this page when registration opens.
  • You are strongly encouraged to register online, but in the event that you can’t, hardcopy forms are available at the retreat booth on Feb 18 & 25. Payment must be made when you submit your form.
  • Before registering, please view our privacy policy at
  • Renew your passport, if it expires before 6 Dec 2024, before registering!
  • If you meet with difficulty during your registration, please email
Room Type
2 adults | 2 teens
2 adults + 1 CWB (min)
2 adults + 1 CWB (min) + 1 CWOB
2 adults + 2-3 CWB (split to 2 forms)
3 adults & teens + 2 CWB (min)
4 adults & teens + 1 CWB (min)
5 adults & teens

Legend: CWB – Child with bed; CWOB – Child without bed

You may register as a married couple or a family. For Youth / R-AGErs, register with friends of the same sex. Single room is made available for those who need to room with their child (choose CWOB). Apartment consists of 5 beds is available for family comprising of minimum 3 adults.

^ 13 years old and above.
* Baby cots are subject to availability.

  • Two-way ferry and land transfer in Batam is included in the retreat fees.
  • All babies & toddlers will require a ferry ticket at $77 (including Group Personal Accident Insurance) per pax.
  • If you would like to purchase your own ferry ticket, please write to the committee to remove the ferry cost from your retreat fees. Do not make payment until we re-invoice you.
  • No adjustment will be allowed once boarding pass is issued. Therefore, your passport must be valid.
  • The last day of the retreat ends at 2:30pm after lunch.
  • Ferries depart from Harbourfront Ferry Terminal at 8am & 8.30am (TBC) on 6 Jun & leave Sekupang Terminal at 5pm & 5:30pm (TBC) on 8 Jun.
  • If you register online, you will be prompted to pay via PayNow with a unique QR code which you scan using your banking app for payment. Please make payment immediately.
  • If you register by counter, you can pay by PayNow or cash.
  • Payment by cheque and credit card payment is NOT available.
  • Please indicate your Registration Number in the Reference of your bank payment. Without this Registration Number, we will be unable to verify your payment. Alternatively, screenshot your payment and email
Bank Name
Bank Account number
Payee Name (Org name)
Grace Assembly of God
Grace Marriage Retreat Programme
  • We have chartered 2 ferries to leave Singapore for Batam at 8 am and 8.30 am sharp (TBC) on 8 June. Attendees for the retreat need to be at Harbourfront at least 30 minutes (recommended 45 minutes) before your assigned departure ferry, more details will be shared at the GMR 2024 Briefing in May.
  • Program and timing may be subjected to changes.


Travel Agency

  • Grace Marriage Retreat 2024 is contracted to Actxplorer Pte Ltd as our appointed travel agent to source and liaise with hotels. They will collect registration data for the hotels as per the attached PDPA. They will also provide onsite assistance throughout the duration of the retreat.
  • Please read their Terms and Conditions before registering.

Who can Attend

  • All registrants must be Gracians. exception is given to Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) of your household only. (A Gracian is someone who attends our services and give to our church regularly in the last 3 months.)
  • For this Marriage Retreat, we welcome spouses who are non-Gracian / pre-believer to register, however they will not be subsidized and not entitled to Senior subsidy too. You will have to top-up their retreat fees which the committee will write to you. (The onus is on you to inform your pre-believing spouse this is a church event, where there will be spiritual elements.)
  • The Church reserves the rights to cancel / request for return of subsidy if fail to choose the “Service Attending” accurately.

Children below 21 years old

  • By the law of the land. “Non-adults” are not permitted to room with another “non-adult”. As such, for “non-adult” MUST room with another “adult” (i.e. their parents, guardians or a teen). By definition, an adult is someone who is aged 12 years and above as of 6 June 2024.
  • Child below 21 years old is required to submit the Waiver form within 3 days of registration. The waiver form is an agreement to indemnify the Church (more details on the form). Your booking will be cancelled if we fail to receive any submission. No further notification will be sent to you.

Validity of Registration

  • You will be responsible for providing accurate information on the registration portal and ensuring your passport is valid.
  • Your registration is only valid upon full payment received with proof of registration and payment.

Travel Insurance

Any expenses caused by sickness, curtailment or cancellation during the retreat will be borne by the retreatant. To avoid unforeseen circumstances that may incur additional expenses, you are strongly encouraged to purchase your own Travel Insurance.

Amendment, Cancellation and Refund

Amendment Fee:
An administrative fee of S$50 per person will be levied for any amendment after reservation has been acted upon, example when the list has been submitted to third party vendors. In the event, changes cannot be made, the booking will be deemed cancelled, and Cancellation fee applies.


The Church’s refund policy is as follows:
More than 60 days before Retreat
Replacement found 30 days before Retreat
100% refunded, less non-refundable $50/person administration fee
Between 46 to 60 days before Retreat
80% refunded
Between 30 to 45 days before Retreat
50% refunded
Less than 30 days before Retreat
No refund
Email your request to


My passport is expiring soon with less than 6 months validity. Can I still register?

  • Please do NOT register until you have renewed your passport! We require a valid passport to book ferry tickets in advanced.
  • If you encounter error when entering passport expiry dates, your passport may have failed the 6 months validity check.
  • Do note that most countries require a valid passport of at least 6 months validity to enter.

Do I need to apply VISA?

Kindly check if you will require a VISA to enter Batam. If you need one, you are strongly advised to apply for e-VoA as it will quicken our custom clearance at Batam.

Do I have to answer all the questions within the sign up?

Yes, please answer the questions truthfully! Some examples of how answers affect cost:
If you indicate that you are 65 years old & above OR a full time student between 13 and 30 years old, you will get a subsidy from the Church that is reflected in your invoice.

Help! I can’t proceed to the next page of registration. It displays some error.

  • Scroll up and review errors that appear in red. Make the correction and resubmit by clicking “Next”. Please do not click “Backspace” back to the previous page.
  • If you want to edit your entry, please click on the “Number” (the steps) at the top of the booking page. It will bring you back to the appropriate step for correction.

What happens after I register?

  • An acknowledgement SMS and/or email with your Registration Number will be sent to the main applicant. This Registration Number will used on subsequent correspondence.
  • Please check your junk mail or search for Actxplorer if you can’t find the acknowledgement email. If you did not receive an acknowledgement SMS and/or email, please email, or call: Bee Lian at 64100804 (Adults) or Karen at  64100837 (Sparkle, Shine and R-AGE).
  • Please print or keep the email as evidence of registration.

Is my registration complete after I submit the form?

  • Registration is only considered complete after receiving payment.
  • If payment is not received by the end of the week of your registration, your registration will be invalid and your reservation will be released to others.

What if I can’t find a roommate?

  • Single rooms are not available for the Marriage Retreat. You must attend the retreat with your spouse.
  • For youth, please approach the retreat committee or email if you need assistance.

When is the retreat briefing? Is it compulsory?

  • The retreat briefing is scheduled on 26 May, 2-4pm at Grace@Tanglin, Galilee Hall.
  • It is important for at least one person per booking to be present at the briefing.
  • Boarding passes, name tags & lanyards will be distributed during the briefing.
  • The express custom clearance procedure will be briefed on that day!
  • Get to know the committee and meet your coach captain who will be your point of contact for the day itself.

Who do I contact?

If you have further question(s), please email us at and our committee will get back to you in 2-3 work days.