A Place in My Heart

By Rev. Lim Bee Ngor


Church Planting Training at Ps Lating’s church


I had a dream one night. In the dream, I was a young believer and I was flying around the world in an aeroplane to do missions. The Lord assured me that He would be with me on these trips.

Trippers performing at a Christmas Evangelistic Outreach

Soon, the Lord opened doors for me to participate in missions to different countries in Asia. In those early years with my previous church, I often went on the trips with apprehension but would return rejoicing that I could be used by God to proclaim the Gospel to the nations.

When God led me to Grace Assembly to serve as a cell pastor in 2001, I had no idea that the church has a strong purpose in missions. Right from the first year in Grace Assembly, I was assigned to lead teams to different countries.

Leading and Following

In 2011, I felt a strong desire to expand my missions work in Myanmar. The desire to work with Assemblies of Myanmar grew stronger each day, as I lifted the matter to God in prayer. One day, I was pleasantly surprised when the late Ps. Matthew Wai who was the head of Missions at that time approached me to work with the Assemblies of God of Myanmar for church planting! It confirmed what God was already speaking to me!

After leading two missions trips to Myanmar, which I enjoyed tremendously, the late Head of Missions Ps. Matthew Wai asked if I would like to be the Country Director of Myanmar. This would mean working with the Assemblies of God in Myanmar in church-planting. I had such peace in my heart and agreed within a day! 

Christmas Evangelistic Outreach at one of our church planters’ village

Tender Mercies

In 2015, the Myanmar Embassy in Singapore found out that my passport was full of entry stamps to Myanmar and refused to approve my re-entry. At one J333 prayer meeting, I requested the church to pray for me to do missions in Myanmar again. Soon after, I was elated to hear that visas were waived for Singaporeans after our Prime Minister visited the new government in Myanmar! It was a miracle indeed! Without the need for visa application, not only that I could re-enter Myanmar, I even saw a surge of members signing up for missions trips to Myanmar!

Over the last few years, we have seen hundreds of villagers coming to Christ through our Christmas outreaches in the villages! There was even one village chief who accepted Jesus as his Lord and Saviour! (Village chiefs tend not to allow foreigners into their villages when the country was under military rule.)

I have often urged members to seize the season of opportunity to serve in Myanmar for we never know when the country may be closed again. Although I am saddened by the political crisis that is currently going on in Myanmar, I continue to conduct missions trainings via digital platforms and mobilised trippers to pray for the country regularly.

I love Myanmar and her people, and my heart’s cry is for normalcy and peace to return soon. I look forward to travel to Myanmar again for more missions work.


Rev. Lim Bee Ngor is currently serving as Country Director of Myanmar.

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