Without Fanfare – Just A Few Humble Photographs…

By Ricky Lui


Preaching Sunday service.

When Grace Assembly started Grace Missions 40 years ago, I was just a teenager who was not interested in missions works at all. I understood that those were good and maybe necessary works, but I did not feel those were for me. There were many big missions events to raise awareness and seek participation and I visited them several times. Somehow, whenever anyone invited me to join a missions trip, I would always refuse. In my mind, I just could not picture myself going overseas for ministry.

Take a Closer Look

One Sunday after service in 2004, I noticed a small foldable table set up along the pathway next to the chapel. On it were a few photo albums with photographs showing various activities taken during missions trips. As I was passing by, Ps. Frederick Ang and Rose, who were at the table, invited me to have a closer look. At that time, Ps. Frederick was the missions director for South Asia and Rose was the missions awareness coordinator. It was not one of those special missions awareness Sundays but somehow, on that day, they had decided to simply set up the table at a little corner to see if anyone would be interested to join them on missions trips.

Building toilet for the needy.

As I was flipping through the photo albums, I saw some photographs of people being baptised in what appeared to be a muddy river. I was curious and I asked Ps. Frederick if that was what trippers do during a missions trip and he said yes. He then asked me if I would like to join him on one of the trips. Somehow, without any hesitation, I simply replied yes. There were photographs of trips to Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other countries. I did not know why but I told him that I would like to go to Sri Lanka.

In August that year, I went for my first missions trip to Sri Lanka. That was the start of my missions journey with our amazing God and I have been going back again and again ever since.

Town by Town, Village by Village

Being in the field has helped me appreciate the important work of missions. I personally experienced the difficulties in travelling to rural areas, where so many of the unreached people are located. They are spread out over great geographical distances.

From town to town, from village to village, it is so easy to find pre-believers because they are everywhere, but believers who are able to lead and guide are hard to find. It is not enough to simply share the Gospel with them when we have the occasional opportunities to visit them. There is a real need to follow up closely with them lest the enemy return to destroy the Gospel seeds after we had planted them. If we do not go to them, many will not get the opportunity to know Jesus. A church in their vicinity is so crucial for them to gather to worship God and grow in their faith.

Washing of feet for Church Planters.

Propelling Workers to Harvest

It so true what our Lord Jesus said in Matthew 9:37, that the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. We really need to raise up and send out more leaders and workers to share the Gospel with as many souls as possible.

When I looked back at my journey with God in missions, I thank Him first for Grace Missions, and I also thank Him for Ps. Frederick and Rose. If they had not taken the initiative to set up that table on that Sunday, I may not have experienced God the way I did. I was the one being propelled, and I was blessed. Now, I have been given the opportunity to pass on this blessing whenever I help to organise missions trips and send more people into the harvest fields.


Ricky Lui has been serving as the Lay Country Director for Sri Lanka since 2010. He has been with Grace Assembly of God for about 45 years, having been brought to Christ by his late grandmother.

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